Why Reformed?

The word "reformed" identifies our perspective--we operate from a Biblical worldview that is rooted in the rich tradition of the Protestant Reformation. In other words, salvation is found in Christ alone, embraced by faith alone, as He is presented in the Bible alone.

Contrary to the idea that "truth" is either relative or entirely unknowable, the Gospel is a very clear and specific truth claim. Jesus taught that we must believe that He is the Son of God to whom we must cling as Lord and Savior. Our ministry is set up in such a way that students are given thoughtful opportunities to wrestle with these truths of God's Word, and to see that His Gospel addresses every need and every area of life. Through teaching and discussion, we hope that many will come to know personally the One who is truth, Jesus Christ.
Unlike all other world religions, Christianity is not primarily a moral system. Christianity does not insist that we present to God a good record so that He will bless our life. Rather, Jesus Christ came to give broken people His own record so that He could be our life. The Gospel does not make you a good person, it makes you a new person. Obedience springs from new life in Him.